Executive Board


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Jackie Zewe | 4th Year Psychobiology

Joining TEACH was one of the best decisions I ever made in my undergraduate career. It's been a wonderful experience getting to know the kids and knowing that this program and my involvement truly has a positive impact on their lives. I've loved developing friendships with my fellow TEACHies and it will be an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

External Vice President

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Archana Sivanandam | 3rd Year Psychobiology/Disability Studies & Global Health

TEACH was one of the first major organizations I joined at UCLA my freshman year. Since then, it has been a family to me, as well as an amazing opportunity to do what I love best: hang out with kids and make a positive impact in their lives! This organization provides an outlet to de-stress, an academic opportunity to learn more about public health, and a reason to better yourself to be a great role model for children. #TEACHLUV

Internal Vice President

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Spandana Madhava | 4th Year Psychobiology/Global Health

TEACH is the most real platform to create lasting tangible differences in kids. Developing really personal relationships with the kids and watching them grow and succeed from quarter to quarter is the greatest feeling ever. TEACH is a reminder of the privilege a power we have as educated students and having the opportunity to be a positive role model for these kids is really what makes me so happy to be a part of this program. These kids have so much enthusiasm and potential and I am so grateful to be a part of their lives and to see what amazing things they accomplish :) 

Appointed Board

Finance & Fundraising Chair

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Natalie Bouri | 4th Year Biology

When I first joined TEACH, I was excited to have the opportunity to learn about health disparities in our immediate community and about health promotion. I've loved developing friendships with other Bruins who share the same passion of working with children. I have been very fortunate to witness the growth of so many children at site each week. TEACH has been such an inspiring experience!

Program Development & Community Outreach Chair

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Leane Nasrallah | 3rd Year Biology

To me, TEACH is an escape. It's easy to get caught up in the college bubble, focusing on studies, and falling into the same routine. However, interning every week helps me feel in touch with the world beyond UCLA and reminds me where my passions lie, as we [interns] take an active role in the community to help provide equal opportunity. 

Finance & Fundraising Chair

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Anuk Burli | 3rd Year Neuroscience/Biomedical Research 

TEACH means a chance to help kids not only with nutrition and living healthier overall, but to give them guidance about life in general and to serve as role models. 



Program Development & Community Outreach Chair

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Brittney Chau | 4th Year Biology/Disability Studies

TEACH means so much to me, it's the organization I say has given me the opportunity to have the most impact on the people around me. You can truly see the difference that you make in these kids' lives, and it's astonishing how much you can see them learn and grow. You can really form a bond with the kiddos and they are what make site something I look forward to every week! 

Recruitment Chair

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Christina Davidian | 4th Year MIMG

T.E.A.C.H has definitely been the highlight of my time here at UCLA. Its mission to educate and inspire our youth, both in academics and in health, just makes complete sense! It has been a joy in my heart to see some of the students improve in their studies throughout the years. They've begun teaching me the health topics that I have taught them, and to  truly see the fruits of our program in each student means the world. After all, they are our future! 

Recruitment Chair

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Rachel Eslansadi | 3rd Year Psychobiology

TEACH is so important to me because it is a way I can help a super talented and fun group of young individuals reach their full academic and personal potential. I have loved working alongside some of the best people at UCLA, forming amazing memories, and watching the kids grow! 



Publicity Chair

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Sean McCauley | 3rd Year MCDB/Spanish

TEACH has been one of the better experiences I have had at UCLA. I learned so much about health disparities that affect the communities of the LA area. Through working with the youth, I became more passionate about pursuing medicine.


Internal Development Chair

Miles Reyes | 4th Year Psychobioiology

TEACH is hands down one the best parts of the week for me. From working with passionate interns and bringing them closer together to seeing the excited kiddos, everything about the organization makes me smile. I can't think of a rewarding experience here at UCLA.




Site Enhancement Chair

Lizeth Carrillo | 4th Year MIMG/Study of Religion


TEACH has allowed me to return to a community similar to that in which I grew up in and serve asa role model for younger students who are constantly learning and are a reminder of myself and my siblings.


Internal Development Chair

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Ailina Lao | 4th Year Human Biology and Society

TEACH wouldn't be TEACH without the fun and bright group of kiddos we work with, or the lesson of the values of preventative medicine!



Internal Development Intern

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Sofia Van Cleve | 3rd Year International Development Studies/Global Health

I love TEACH because it gives you first-hand exposure to working in community development. In TEACH you get to experience both the theoretical side of public health in class and the hands-on learning of tutoring and teaching the kids. It's a sweet balance of training and doing, which makes TEACH unique among student groups at UCLA.


Site Enhancement Chair

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Marie Aguinaldo | 4th Year Human Biology & Society/ Global Health

TEACH Means to me: TEACH has grown to become an integral part of my UCLA experience. My time in the organization has taught me the value of service and mentorship. Because of TEACH, I have had the opportunity to pursue my interests in public health, meet driven individuals, and work alongside amazing kids who never fail to make me smile week after week. And for that, I am forever grateful.