Our Executive Board

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Jordan Lo

Internal Vice President

Jordan is a fourth year Human Biology and Society major interested in building data and science literacy. She loves spending time with the kids and watching their confidence and personality grow over the years. In the future, she hopes to continue supporting science and data literacy to promote public health in her community. 

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Karina Moreno


Karina loves TEACH because she has not only been able to witness the academic and personal growth of our kiddos, but she also has been able to foster and promote such growth in them. TEACH has given her the opportunity to be the role model that she wanted when she was younger. Her favorite memory with TEACH was her 2020 winter quarter field trip because she got to watch the kiddos do fun experiments and practice the knowledge they had been learning in modules.

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Anusha Gogulapati

External Vice President

Anusha is a 4th year Human Biology and Society major. She joined TEACH the fall of her second year and has since then gotten to work with the amazing kids at both sites.  Getting to plan virtual field trips for the kids, design curriculums, and connect with the kids has been an extremely rewarding experience for Anusha. She loves seeing them express themselves and watching their excitement when learning new things.

Our Appointed Board

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Sylvie Oang


Sylvie joined TEACH her sophomore year when she heard about this amazing opportunity to both work with kids while promoting public health education and awareness. In both a virtual and in-person setting, site days continue to the days she looks forward to during the week.

Peter Nguyen


Peter is a premed fourth year Biology Major. Teach has left a great impact on him, as he has fostered a developing bond with the kids he works with. His favorite part of TEACH is seeing the kids’ personal growth overtime.

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Mackenzie Lowenstein

Recruitment Chair

Mackenzie is a recent graduate with a B.S. in Psychobiology. Before her first experience at site, she had hoped to help the kids of Broadway Elementary achieve their academic goals. Little did she know, the students would leave an immense impression on her as well! She says the children have encouraged her to be her best possible self and to extend optimism everywhere. Her experience in TEACH has been one of the most impactful experiences of her college career. 

Rakhi Ratanjee

Publicity Chair

Rakhi is a 4th year Psychobiology Major and Global Health Minor from the Firefly class. She joined TEACH to help empower students with education to assist them in achieving their dreams. TEACH has shaped her college journey considerably, from allowing her to meet incredible fellow interns to growing and learning alongside the kids. Her position allows her to advertise TEACH as the wonderful organization that it is!

Salena Chowdri

Publicity Chair

Salena is a recent graduate, majoring in Psychobiology from the Firefly class. She joined TEACH in her second year out of her love for working with children. She is passionate about advocating for education equity and accessibility. Salena believes her interactions with the TEACH students were the highlight of her week, providing her a refreshing breath of fresh air. Salena is planning on working in the Health Care industry. 

Harmonia Ahuna

Program Development and Community Outreach Chair

Harmonie is a  4th year studying Human Biology and Society (BS) with a minor in Education Studies. She joined TEACH because she wanted to put her passions for health and educational equity into practice and make an impact. Working with our students every week and being able to witness and nurture their academic and personal growth by guiding them through homework problems, introducing them to different health concepts, and going on enriching field trips has been such a bright spot in her college experience. 

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Poojita Dasika

Recruitment Chair

Poojita is 4th year Biochemistry major. Her most impactful memory with TEACH was going on the field trip to the Discovery Cube LA, where as an intern, she got to interact in a more fun but also educational setting with the kids. She felt like she had really strengthened her bond with many of the kids, while being able to explore the museum alongside them. After this point, she could see just how much the kids grew to trust and love learning from the interns.

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Belen Bravo

Internal Development

Belen is a 4th year Human Biology and Society major. She is  a part of GOAT class. She joined TEACH to explore the intersection between early education and public health! She wanted to work with kids with similar identities as her and make public health enjoyable!

Pallavi Chandrasekhar

Site Enhancement Coordinator

Pallavi is a 4th year Human Biology and Society major. TEACH has given her the opportunity to connect with some of the brightest kids and give back to the community. She looks forward to her last year with this organization’s students and interns.