When does TEACH recruit?

TEACH generally recruits 2 times during the academic school year. Once during Winter Quarter for the following Spring-Fall interns (Summer A or C included) and during Spring Quarter for the following Fall-Spring interns. Due to the pandemic, we did not recruit during Winter 2021. Our next application cycle is ongoing during Spring 2021.

What is the application process like?

Applicants will submit an online application and those selected for the next round will interview virtually with current Site Coordinators and Board members. The interviews will consist of an individual portion as well as a group component.

What is the time commitment during the 1-year internship?

The first quarter of the internship consists of taking Public Health/Medicine M160A.  M160A meets once or twice a week (depending on that quarter's scheduling). After successful completion of M160A, interns begin field work. At site, their primary responsibility is to create and present health modules. In the final quarter, interns continue their work at site and also enroll in M160B, which meets once a week.

How is TEACH being conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning?

TEACH is operating remotely during the pandemic and is hoping to transition to in-person activities during the 2021-2022 school year based on UCLA and local safety guidelines. M160A will be virtual in Fall 2021 with plans to have in-person site in Winter 2022 and Spring 2022. Interns should anticipate in-person participation.

Because interns are required to do fieldwork at site, will I be able to choose which day of the week I go to site? Does this change every quarter?

Interns are asked for their preference during the first quarter, but they are not guaranteed. E-board and Dr. Esdin will take these preferences into consideration when granting site assignments. Note that this assignment can change from quarter to quarter depending on program needs and the intern’s availability.

What happens at site?

Site coordinators run sites and they will assign module topics to interns at the beginning of the quarter. Aside from presenting health modules to the children, interns mentor and tutor the children and assist with site management.

I’ve completed my 1-year commitment as an intern. Now what?

We would love for you to remain in the TEACH family. Interns can always continue their role in attending these sites, however, they will not need to retake M160A and M160B. If interns want to take a more active role in the organization, they can apply to be a Site Coordinator or a member of the E-board. 

Do I have to provide my own transportation to site? 

We rent university vehicles in order to get to site but interns and site coordinators often offer their own cars to provide rides to get to site. Therefore, it is definitely not required to have a car to join TEACH but it is a useful addition for our team. 

Are there opportunities to be involved with TEACH if I’m not an intern?

Unfortunately, the courses and fieldwork are only for interns, but there are fundraising efforts that happen throughout the year. Our program would love to have you support us through those! Information will added to the “Fundraising” page so make sure to check that periodically!

I am not a UCLA undergraduate student. Can I still apply to TEACH?

Unfortunately, only UCLA undergraduate students are eligible to apply to TEACH at this time.


For a more detailed description of our program, please visit the “About Us” page. Further questions can be submitted via the "Contact" page or emailed to teach.ucla@gmail.com. We also highly encourage interested students to attend our information sessions during Spring Quarter. Upcoming dates and times of info sessions can be found in the "Apply" page.